best places to run in baliAs one of the largest communities in Indonesia, IndoRunners has appealed to many people since it was first established in 2011 in Jakarta. With its aim of spreading the running virus throughout the nation, IndoRunners is the first to socialize the importance of a healthy lifestyle through social media, which then attracted many health-conscious patrons.

Expanding to the island in 2012, IndoRunners Bali has been persistently striving to educate the local audience to have a better understanding about proper training without forgetting to have fun with it. The community has become a family that is motivated to give Bali a new term, not only as a surfer’s paradise but also as a haven for runners. Want to join up? The following areas are most recommended for a fun run.


If you like running on the beach while enjoying the view of the ocean, Kuta and Legian are worth considering. Wake up early and start running at 6 a.m. – you will see how Kuta and Legian are so peaceful, not to mention you get to treasure the rose-pink dawn. Park your vehicle somewhere nearby and start from the beach in front of Beachwalk Kuta up to W Retreat & Spa in Seminyak, then go back again. Voila! You’ve done a 10K run already! Don’t be in a rush since running on the beach is definitely heavier. Do jog on the side where the sand is wet to give you a more steady pace. Want to make it more fun? Run barefoot – but do watch out for small coral. Chasing the sunset is also worth it as long as you don’t mind the crowds on the sand.


Jimbaran and Uluwatu have plenty of tropical jungle tracks where the scenery of secluded beaches awaits you towards the end. Fresh oxygen and fun dirt tracks are only a few of the many reasons why Jimbaran and Uluwatu spoil runners with an adventurous spirit – these areas have also hosted the annual Bali International Triathlon. Try Tegalwangi Hills and the GWK Cultural Park that our #jimbaRUN team usually chooses for an easy Sunday morning run – both offer lush surroundings with a proper track. If you go further, you might discover a magical surprise, like the #jimbaRUN troops always do. Feel the adrenaline rush when finding secret beaches and picturesque ravines in which to take a group photo.


The IndoRunners Bali team always makes use of city centers to attract more locals for a fun run. The jerseys are colorful, the faces are cheerful, and the smiles are always friendly. Join in every Thursday at 5.30 p.m. or every Sunday morning at 6 a.m. during the Car Free Day, where we take over the streets to
spread the joy of running together. The gathering point is at the front entrance gate of the legendary Bajra Sandhi Monument inside the Niti Mandala Park in Renon prior to the run. Look for the red tee or green Barong jersey and don’t be shy to say hello! The local government has provided fantastic well-maintained pedestrian walkways and tracks for running. So, no more excuses!


Sanur has the exotic atmosphere that always entices you to come back and explore its tranquility. The community has erected a flag in Sanur and set the spot to be one of the must-try running tracks every Saturday morning, where you can relish the mesmerizing sunrise. For casual runners who crave great scenery, Sanur is an absolute paradise. If you come early, start running from the main parking space of Segara Ayu Beach and then go back and revive your energy with breakfast at the Men Weti Chicken Rice. However, if you are up for a different adventure, join us in the wilderness every Tuesday at noon at Serangan Island, not far from Sanur. We’ll wait for you on the bridge at the end of the boulevard. On a Sunday morning, escape to Serangan Island and join our fellow 3V running club.


Canggu and Ubud are considered to be pivotal spiritual healing areas where you can renew your mind, body, and soul. Incredible views of the pristine rice terraces are a feast to the eyes, not to mention you can cherish the amazing countryside atmosphere and find some off beat tracks. In Ubud you can join Bali Hash House Harriers – an open membership activity club where tourists, expats and locals gather every Monday and Thursday afternoon to enjoy the scenery while running along the track. IndoRunners Bali always goes to Canggu and Ubud whenever we feel like getting closer to nature. One of the natural tracks is the Abuan Village – located at an approximate 1,100 meters above the sea level – that takes us through some of the unspoiled parts of Bali and ends with a view of the rice paddies.


Home to many luxury hotels and resorts managed by the Bali Tourism Development Center (BTDC), it is no longer a surprise that Nusa Dua is well maintained. The neat pedestrian paths and ocean-front jogging track is definitely a must for runners who stay in the south. Get ready to be immersed in a serene setting along the peninsula, which is the ultimate stress relief.

Safety Tips!

  • Always do stretching and warming up prior to a run.
  • Wear suitable running shoes.
  • No heavy running gears for a more comfortable run.
  • Have an energizing meal two hours prior to the run.
  • Never push yourself to run if you are not well.
  • Always stretch and cool down after the run.
  • Be familiar with your running route. When you are running on the side of a road, run in the opposite direction of traffic to minimize accidents.
  • Always wear light straps for safety when you run on the road at night.
  • Be very careful when running with headphones. Try to keep the volume down.
  • Keep yourself hydrated to avoid heat strokes and severe fluid loss.

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